Wedding sayings – englische Hochzeitssprüche

Heiraten ist kein lokales Problem, sondern hat globale Ausmaße. Darum gibt es auch Hochzeitssprüche auf englisch – sogenannte Wedding sayings:

  • Tell me how many beads there are In a silver chain Of evening rain, Unravelled from the tumbling main, And threading the eye of a yellow star: – So many times do I love again. ~Thomas Lovell Beddoes
  • When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca
  • Who, being loved, is poor? ~Oscar Wilde
  • Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~Zora Neale Hurston
  • Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. ~Michael Leunig
  • Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. ~Author Unknown
  • We have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world. It’s called love. ~Gene Perret
  • I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, A church filled with family and friends.
    I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, He said one that would make me his wife. ~Author Unknown
  • After all there is something about a wedding-gown prettier than in any other gown in the world. ~Douglas William Jerrold
  • When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. ~Nora Ephron
  • When Harry Met Sally Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever. ~Author Unknown
  • My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We’ll lock them up together, And throw away the key. ~Frederick Saunders
  • I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach
  • There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. ~Martin Luther
  • A hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my love for you. ~Author Unknown
  • Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. ~Author Unknown
  • A man in love is incomplete until he is married. Then he’s finished. ~Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Spouse: someone who’ll stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have had if you’d stayed single. ~Author Unknown
  • Are we not like two volumes of one book? ~Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

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